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Is The Death of The Shitty First Draft Upon Us?

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Signs of the Apocalypse:

  • More people will want to read bullet points and lists instead of full articles
  • Video and audio becomes the new way to talk about something long. (real time chat + on the fly video stream becoming cheaper is key)
  • Draft saving mechanisms encourages auto-saving and editing of one written entry only.
  • Printed medium feels the pressure from the internet as more users log in via their mobile internet to verify and comment on sensationalistic magazine titles without reading or buying the magazine at all.
  • Direct and quick answer services like social networks and micro-blogging encourages real time reactions while long blog posts are merely mountains of links upon links of referring to previously written articles.
  • Posts attempting to generate a discussion are buried amid hordes of shouting 140-251liners.
  • Finally, everyone will be so concerned for their privacy that well-formed discussions are delegated to person to person or private channels. The copies of such discussions will appear in things like wikis or blogs and the occassional unheard of forum edited only for sharing rather than for background introduction and paragraph segmentation as everything from forums to blogs will be one huge content sharing service and the internet shall become one huge constantly updated torrent file where the bloggers/commentors/forum posters and social network users are the seeders while the authors/artists/service providers are the uploaders where as the leechers will be mostly feeding on the multiple info sites designed like SparkNotes. Coincidentally that will be how the new search service unseating Google as the top search is going to be designed.

…and here’s my Shitty First Draft of this post:

The idea of editing one’s post isn’t a new thing.

…and by editing, I mean editing.

You know…murder your darlings, omit needless words, constantly crumple papers, download a blog editor so that you can actually have more than one copy to compare even without the internet…

Still, I’ve only recently read about the concept of Shitty First Drafts from a blog post I can’t remember which was how I discovered the concept.

Well, today, I’m not going to say that the concept is dying.

However, I will say that the signs have arrived. Shitty First Draft Ragnarok is at hand.

…and the above post is why.


I am more pissed at not discovering a free foldable disposable notepad than I realized.


I forgot to address novels and books.

  • Books especially novels will still exist but for the most part, it will be buried under a modern phenomena called micro-novels – an off-shoot of cellphone novels…it will take what is spread about by the e-commerce blogs and combine a pay for e-book model with that of a subscription based edition update. Although this by itself won’t reduce the act of Shitty First Drafts, what will happen is that Shitty First Drafts in themselves will be profitable as a “preview or demo” that it encourages writers to build upon them rather than edit it out. There will even be some variations of crowdsourcing the edits in such a way that people will pay for the poor inital quality “in order to have a say” in the updated quality thus relieving researchers and fiction writers of many of the universal elements of a story except for giving the fans the type of well written content that comes from the author himself rather than merely a fanfiction written by fans themselves.