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How do people feel about VNs which lock certain routes so that you can’t reach them until you’ve completed other routes?

IMO, it’s a rule to be broken.

If Fate/Stay Night never broke through in such a way that it did and we’re talking about Water Closet which i feel did a much more surprising way of unlocking alternative routes, only a few would consider this a good idea.

There are certainly valid reasons for both pro and con sides but in the end, these types of “tricks” are equivalent to Nolan’s reversing time/skipping scene movies.  (Memento/Prestige)

If you can trick and sell the depth to a wide audience, then you’re a genius developer despite the comments of those who can spot the fluff in the plot.

If you fail then you’re either a copycat, a hack or at best a risk taker that needs to keep working on his craft and hopefully pull it through.

The only secure way is to keep going at the same series.

In Fate/Stay Night’s case, it was the unravelling mythology. In Fire Emblem it was the continuous legacy of the families. In most games, it’s the spin-offs.

Either way, it is the most secure way because it is the exact equivalent of making an expansion level sequel minus the sequel.


Re: Is there such thing as too many statistics?

Like what do you mean? Too many numbers to keep track of or too many stats that get in the way of the story/gameplay?

Too many stats that get in the way of the story/gameplay.

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I’m not a game developer but that’s very possible.

It’s not just an issue with user immersion either.

If you lose track of your stats, it may require the casual user to use a walkthrough to complete your game.

But it’s also a personal pet peeve of mine that doesn’t seem to be shared by the average developer.

I don’t treat Visual Novels as Multi-Ending Kinetic Novels.

When I play the average game I only choose one path and unless the game is well known for it’s story or teased me with it’s addictive gameplay, confusing stats are tantamount to putting vague choices in your Visual Novel.

I just get turned off by it because I hate getting the sense that you’re not doing anything to change the game world but are instead playing games to “stumble upon” an ending or an event.

*cough “rant” *cough

I want to play a story! Not waste time stat tweaking but at the same time I don’t want to waste time grinding or watching a movie with poor graphics either!!!)

*cough *cough


I’ve never finished playing Fallout 2 because on one hand, it’s very open but on the other hand there’s no clue as to what (specific) stats are needed to create a diplomatic character from a stupid brute force character.

It doesn’t help that the default characters are poorly made.

Further more, it doesn’t help that there are literally skills that are more distractions than useful.

A good example are the weapon stats that lure you into thinking that you can eventually be this bad-ass brass knuckles wielding character only for you to realize (doesn’t matter if you use a walkthrough or not) that it becomes near useless later in the game unless you find the ultimate version of your weapon.

On one hand, that’s more game plot realistic. On the other hand, what’s the point of putting the option in the beginning without warning the user of this?

Similarly in Ren’ai games, it’s annoying to realize that you need to do the same thing (in a row) several times in a month to get a bonus ala the game True Love or know what stats to get your character in so that they’ll get a specific ending ala the game Cute Knight or Princess Maker 2.

Stats should have clues otherwise they don’t become character traits and when they don’t become character traits or it’s equivalent in nature, you’re just back to a more advanced way of grinding instead of stat building.