Just a warning for those who plan but haven’t gotten the PSP version of NBA 2k11

I was originally going to post this in my OperationSports forum account but I feared I would have gotten banned:

I know there’s a bug/glitch thread already but it’s not PSP specific and to be honest I don’t visit this forum enough to know if these have been listed already in one easy to find topic but I didn’t spot a topic like this when I did a search for “PSP NBA 2k11” so I’m making this thread.

Going by the threads in the Gamefaqs forum, some of the mentioned bugs/game issues  are:

My Player mode substitution bug

My Player never gets substituted during My Player mode, when substitutions are set on Auto. He obviously becomes too tired to play well. And when you press Left on D-pad, you can substitute other players on your team. But whenever you try to substitute your own player, it doesn’t work.

Jordan limited to All-Star team

So far the only way that I can play Jordan is on the 90s East All-Star Team. I remember the commercial for NBA 2K11 when they showed Jordan in all of the various NBA team jerseys, but I can’t get him anywhere. How can I draft him for the Lakers?

I don’t have the console versions so I can’t verify if he’s supposed to be playable. Also:

There is no Jordan Challenge for the PSP version.

Missing roster

the obvious one would be the 4th pick Wesley Johnson from Timberwolves


yeah, and Al Farouq Aminu of the Clippers too. funny because both Wes and Aminu are actually in theRookies Squad! I counted and there are only 10 rookies in this game. Too bad since I was really looking forward to playing the rookies. Good thing is that most of the players that were missing last year (Jerebko, Matthews, Budinger etc) are now present. 🙂


Yeah I noticed Stanley Robinson of the Orlando Magic (Rookie taken 2nd Round 59th Overall) is missing 😦 I was looking forward to dunking in everyone’s face.

At least my boy AJ Price got in since he was missing in last year’s game and also got his face pic in there

but the worst game issue is:

Association mode Roster reset

I updated my rosters manually based on the latest trades/signings that were done recently.. I then tried playing the association mode, but the rosters were immediately restored to default every time I start an association. Any roster updates you made isn’t carried over when you play Association. This may not be a major thing, just saying.

Also, maybe it’s just me but I find this year’s AI (Hall-of-Fame) less difficult than the 2k10 version. Anyways, the best improvement I found were the playing courts. Each homecourt is varied in terms of building design, crowd lay-out, overhead screens. The surface of the floor looked better too. The colors are also more accurate now, for example, the bull’s homecourt motif is actually RED now compared to last year which was pale red/pink.

Now here are my own problems when playing a torrented version of NBA 2k11:

(This is not a support of piracy but I need to mention the above detail just so you’ll know that I can’t verify if this is an issue with the iso or these bugs are also found in the official version.)

This first one is definitely piracy-related:

If you’re using custom firmware with a Kingdom Hearts plugin (should be something like KH-blah blah blah), the iso for 2k11 won’t run. It would just load and then reset your psp.

You need to press R and then hold your power button to get to the custom firmware menu and under plugins, click to disable.

Note that the plugin need not be there because you’re playing Kingdom Hearts. For example, I had this plugin enabled I think because I needed it for Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley.

I hope from the way I described the above, most of you can clearly understand I don’t know much about this whole custom firmware plugins thing but the above should help resolve your iso problems assuming you downloaded a legitimate torrent.

Steroid Freak

Most of you probably won’t encounter this but one of the first things I do to check out how “sim” the engine of a bball game is to create a small player.

In this case, I created this very short guy in My Player mode and I chose buff as the body type.

In 2k10, it’s disproportionate but it isn’t that noticeable of an issue especially when the camera isn’t zooming in on the player. In this year’s version, it literally created a player with arms that look like those extreme steroid arms you’ve seen in some websites before. This is not just some irregular shoulders. If you created the guy it’s going to look like extreme steroid freak arms and not just something you may see in a champion bodybuilder type of look.

Improved Graphics aren’t as improved

This is more of a personal issue since based off what I’ve read, almost everybody seems to have agreed that the graphics (as far as PSP games go) were improved.

I…don’t really agree. There are clearly improvements especially if we’re talking crowds and such but… “I don’t know…”

When I see it, I just can’t imagine anyone thinking this is improved graphics. Textures got darker, there’s some sheen that looks like sweat and I’m not really a graphics expert but… it just looks like mush.

Here’s the closest image that comes to my mind without resorting to screenshots – imagine this game where the textures are sharper in the sense that you can see lines representing the muscles, the sheen makes the ball look more 3d, the court floors are shinier, the way the whole thing would look zoomed out in a static picture to picture comparison between 2k10 and it would make you think the graphics weren’t just improved but highly improved…but…everything looks grimy, every guy looks like they came out of the sauna before they started the game, the sharper lines makes every players look like clay figures…it just looks bad unless you just cover your eyes everytime the game closes up on the players.

Finally… the ultimate game killer for me is that there’s no CPU vs. CPU on Association Mode.

If you know how to create cwcheat codes, please share your codes in this topic.

Normally I think issues like this will require modding but since this is only disabled in Association Mode and Season Mode, I hope there’s a way to bypass this by just implementing a code.

From a balance aspect I could see why they would do this as it is kind of silly that you can play as the other team in Association Mode and pad your team’s record up but the most enjoyment I get out of Association Mode is to watch the Cpu vs. Cpu ai go against each other.

I’m a bad 2k player but I feel even if I become great at this game, I won’t be able to replicate the same excitement I get when a wide open Brent Barry passes up a last minute game winning shot to a Javale Mcgee who’s so far away from the basket it may as well be a mid-range shot when Javale has been struggling all game and the guy does a post up turn around shot that wins us the game or a Livingston who couldn’t hit the broad side of the arc when making threes all season long suddenly unlocks his clutch factor in the 4th quarter of the 1st round of the playoffs against Wade and hits 3 3 pt shots in the 4th quarter when we’re down by 12 in a game where Brent Barry, an edited 90+ 3pt shooting Trevor Ariza, Nick Young and Marcus Bank all were struggling to make shots and to cap it off, he blocked a crucial lay-up attempt by Wade which helped the Wizards sweep the Heat. (Although it was a stacked Wizards team with the best record in the East)

Even in simulation mode or pseudo-sim (Hoopcast), I just don’t get the same satisfaction as seeing the ai both make you claw your head and then make you go ok, how did he know that player would suddenly be the one to be clutch but unfortunately as much as I could just go back to 2k10 that game is so bugged even if you managed to dodge all the game freezing events all 82 games, you could easily erase your save when the game hangs up on the saving screen which is what happened to my Wizards association file and I was hoping 2k11 would be the stable replacement for 2k10 at least.

(I’m still down on it too because it was looking like it was going to be one of the most interesting Association mode I’ve ever played even though it was just the first season because even though I kind of broke the realism of the game by trading an “all 99 Earl Boykins”, Al Thornton and Crittenton (plus a pick I think) to the Rockets for Yao Ming and Trevor Ariza which led to the Wizards going from the worst record in the NBA to tying the Laker’s 70-12 record, Rockets who were the top 4 seed prior to the trade maintained being the top 4 seed up to the playoffs including games were Thornton would score 30+ to lead the scoring and as if it wasn’t going crazier, Bobcats suddenly jumped into the 2nd seed even as early in the season (probably a consequence of me giving Wallace a rating of 99) only to fall into the 3rd seed because Cleveland made a surge to 2nd late in the season while Orlando (whom also benefitted from my editing of Reddick into a 90 rated player) did not even make the playoffs and the Jazz finally reached the 2nd seed and Kobe who was playing injured all season long (injured at least 3 times) finally looked to be fully recovering come the playoffs and with 4 games – he received a huge injury which guaranteed he won’t be playing in any playoff games at all and just when things couldn’t get crazier, come playoff time the Philadelphia 76ers with an unmodified AI playing on the team managed to upset and eliminate the Bobcats in the 1st round while the Nuggets eliminated the Rockets and Yao who was dominating all season long with 20+ points coming off the bench while barely missing any shots suddenly looked like he couldn’t make one easy shot against the 1st round Heat and Trevor Ariza whom despite his improved edited 90+ overall rating really didn’t have a dominant stretch all season long and just looked to benefit from Yao generating the double team played like a prime Ray Allen who couldn’t miss outpointed everyone from Wade to Yao with his 28-38 pts. throughout the 1st round.)


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