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How do people feel about VNs which lock certain routes so that you can’t reach them until you’ve completed other routes?

IMO, it’s a rule to be broken.

If Fate/Stay Night never broke through in such a way that it did and we’re talking about Water Closet which i feel did a much more surprising way of unlocking alternative routes, only a few would consider this a good idea.

There are certainly valid reasons for both pro and con sides but in the end, these types of “tricks” are equivalent to Nolan’s reversing time/skipping scene movies.  (Memento/Prestige)

If you can trick and sell the depth to a wide audience, then you’re a genius developer despite the comments of those who can spot the fluff in the plot.

If you fail then you’re either a copycat, a hack or at best a risk taker that needs to keep working on his craft and hopefully pull it through.

The only secure way is to keep going at the same series.

In Fate/Stay Night’s case, it was the unravelling mythology. In Fire Emblem it was the continuous legacy of the families. In most games, it’s the spin-offs.

Either way, it is the most secure way because it is the exact equivalent of making an expansion level sequel minus the sequel.

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