Re: No team has repeated since 02 Lakers…why?

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I was thinking about this the other day.

Has anyone noticed it’s been this long since a team repeated?

I checked this list

and this is currently the longest stretch of no repeat champs since ’70-’86

so that’s roughly a 20 year period since that time

My favorite part when watching teams win the title, is how they defend it the following year, not that they need to, but it kinda validate the first one to show it was not a fluke (IM NOT SAYING TEAMS WHO DON’T REPEAT ARE A FLUKE !!!)

I think the closest a team came to repeating was the 2005 Pistons who went to game 7 vs the spurs and were down by 1/or up by 1 going into the 4th qtr…

so what’s the reason for this 7 year stretch?

just randomness or does it speak to parity in the league?

A lot of valid reasons were given but ultimately I think it’s the lack of longevity in the championship teams.

The question could just as been answered by pointing out how the Spurs were winning on odd years without actually having a long term rivalry against a single other team.

This was mostly because the Spurs were winning on playoff adjustments IMO.

The team was elite don’t get me wrong but they were also a team who’s main rival was the Phoenix Suns.

A team that despite being great, just wasn’t suited for playoff basketball, but most importantly was a great match-up for the Spurs despite the games being competitive.

Pistons were a team that could have easily become a team like the Spurs that only needed minute adjustments but the egos on the team didn’t allow that to happen and ironically enough, Iverson is often blamed today as the one that totally ruined the team’s chances at getting back to championship form but to me, Larry Brown leaving sealed that deal.

After that, the team was more aggressive but they also lost the cog that made all the players “stick” to a blue collar team mentality and from then on, they weren’t going to be championship contenders but championship gatekeepers in that they were more suited to be Eastern Conference Champions than NBA Champions.

(Yes, they also lost while being coached by Larry Brown but they were much closer to a Popovich-Spurs team to me when they did.)

Heat was just an anomaly taking advantage of another anomaly in the Mavs.

Celtics lost Garnett and faced a sleeper team in Orlando.

It’s up in the air whether the Lakers could repeat this season. Personally I have my doubts.

I think an East team takes it. Most likely the Celtics. Personally the Magics.

Even in the West, I think if Lakers win the Western Conference, they’ll lose against the Magics or the Celtics.

Leaving the Spurs to be my pick for a West team that win it this season.

I think after this, the trend will continue though.

Celtics and Spurs are both veteran teams that have shown they are prone to injuries.

Lakers might try to break things up if they don’t win anything this season. (I think they don’t have that intention but they will just encounter a major weakness in the playoffs that would make them re-consider moving their pieces yet again.)

Orlando are a coin flip.

They’re not even guaranteed to be instant Eastern Conference contenders.

Next season or two to three more seasons then I think you would once again see a trend of a dominant team maintaining it all.

The key really is on the teams people are looking past now.


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