Re: Personal web portals and information management

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I use Protopage as my personal web portal which does have some information management widgets (such as to do lists, calendars, post-it notes, bookmarks etc.), and I was wondering what other solutions people are using that are browser-based. A few years ago I did compare Protopage with some of the other providers out there (iGoogle, Netvibes etc.) but Protopage won hands down, and I had no need to look for another solution.

The popular choices I’ve heard are GMail (with the scripts that tie the other Google services into it), Friendfeed (search) and EverNote although it’s not truly a browser-based alternative.

Really, web portals aren’t that popular anymore because of the advent of Speed Dials where you can collect different sites and combine them into a Portal. In the end, surprisingly enough I have relied more and more on browser online sync as an alternative to Web Portals with Firefox being the Web Application and Opera being my browser.

I know it’s not technically the same but it’s like a Web Portal to me anyway without the Web.

Reminders I use ReminderFox because I have no mass usage for it although the only obvious full featured choice is Google Calendar.

Notes I rely on Opera Notes synced to Opera Link.

Post-its and Bookmarks I go with Diigo.

To-dos RTM although I originally opted for Toodledo until I eased into the keyboard shortcuts of RTM.

Then it’s either off to Opera’s Speed Dial or Firefox’s Speed Dial extension to connect all of these into a New Tab.

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