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Some people just think that people like me  are just causing nonsense buzz here and there. I just want to remind you that some of you people give enormous power and wealth to some of those dishonest companies (by just surfing the web without protection:) for example GOOGLE. I know most people just like GOOOGLE, just cannot goto bed without GOOOGLE because GOOOGLE gives them couple bux every month via adsense or let them track updates about their name or company name searches. Well, this is a story just out of the FAUST story.

In the past we had booogie man to scare kids, well I use GOOOOGIEE man to scare my kid now. try it, it works.

…Or simply because Google is close to a natural monopoly in that they provide/obtain quality services and attract people to those services.

It’s the age old dilemma of this recent webcomic I’ve read.

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Edit: Link above constantly gets re-directed so you may want to manually copy paste or click on the Archive in the Website and go towards the comic with the words “Side Effect”.

The sad part is: if privacy advocates fear that much of being turned into a minority… they should gather and support a better “private” alternative.

It’s the nature of demand especially if Google is also the few that holds the highest quality of supply.

If you want people to move away from gmail. Don’t give them ThunderBird, Hotmail, Outlook or Yahoo Mail. Give them gmail “+ privacy”.

A good example are password managers like, and being the most notable.

It’s not more “private” than a pure offline password manager but it’s “private” enough and convenient enough that it becomes a viable private alternative over having a single “ready to exploit” gmail account with weak passwords and the data is with you.

For those who prefer less convenience and even more security loop-holes, Clipperz is like an online downloadable password manager that could obscure you from more offline situations than more “obvious” password managers like Keepass.

Finally PassPack security can be so tightened that it gives “multiple master password” headaches.

All these services, while possessing premium options, have enough space in their free versions that they’re a viable if not necessary online reaction to Open-Ids, Twitter Log-ins and Google Account log-ins. (Notably LastPass where due to the Firefox Extension, you get the equivalent of bookmarks + passsword + sites in a single click. For Opera, you can simulate this with Clipperz by adding it into the panel.)

The same will eventually have to be for other cloud services.

Privacy advocates should not be extreme with these applications.

They’re just going to tune out majority of the users whom they try to convince.

Instead, they should be extreme in competing and providing alternative services that reduces the chance of these mass-adopted services that grow so big that they can buy out other quality companies and let them stagnate but still market them enough that they have a sizeable userbase to spoon feed with any services they release.

Even as simple as the exact clone of a service but under a group that’s more about privacy than Google could attract huge amounts to that service with the right marketing and the right support from each one of you privacy advocates.

Right now, if you guys want to hold off a successful revolution, at the very least create, support and maintain the Lastpass equivalent of Google Reader, Gmail, G-Docs, IGoogle, Groups, Sites and Calendar.

Seriously, if you guys truly valued the privacy of the world, you guys could have slipped off a better private version of Google Wave before Wave even ushered out of the mouths of the Google Bots.

Who wouldn’t want a private forum with better moderating options and easier configuration for newbies in an age of spammers?!

Flip Google Groups around and make your own Google Groups and you got your Wave!

Who wouldn’t want the LastPass of GReader where you can encrypt your notes and add multiple service account sharing so it’s much harder to target your social media services? Really? Who wouldn’t want a service where they can have their own Online Password Manager tied to an online RSS Reader tied to a more private wall that is like a Tor foil for all the privacy hassles associated with more of the “data mining” recommendation ad-based services like Facebook?

Hell, who would want to use IronPortable or Chromium if there’s Google Chrome?

I may be a tech idiot but I’m not blind.

If someone says “Sign up for gmail” vs. “Sign up for gmail + more privacy” or “Google” vs. “100% Google Interface “without the baggage”. Not all people’s brain would go “Ugh…Google…pick…Google”.

Most people’s brain would go “hmm… this service?” or “this service + something extra?” Hmm…

That’s how you guys can realistically “convert” and properly warn the world!

Sure, most people joining won’t care and think about the issue of privacy except that they’re signing up for the service with something extra but if you guys gain a large enough userbase, eventually you’d have people blindly touting the “more privacy” mantra and eventually you’d be influencing other apps to prioritize privacy as one of their main feature.

Just look at the open source crowd. How many of those people actually look at the source and how many just merely go “Arr! It’s not Open Sauce so Yo Ho Ho Imma gonna take Me bottle of Rum elsewhere!”

…and then how many of those people eventually inspired linkbaiters to go…Hmm… you know what? I can get more clicks sharing more open source apps …and then how many developers become inspired to make their applications open source because of that demand?

It’s the same thing with Google. Don’t give us the numbers. Give us the solar panels, the hybrids, the Inconvenient Truth – THE BETTER, ATTRACTIVE and “Less Guilty” ALTERNATIVES – and you’ll make a revolutionary movement out of repeated speeches yet.

Remember if you guys have the obsession, you guys have the power to create the On switch and once that’s On, just like the mass unpopularity of nuclear energy even if it’s the best alternative right now, it matters less and less if Google somehow released the next “privacy hell” killer app.

You’d have enough people listening and rooting for your words that – only then – could you be heard loud and clearly that it won’t come off like you guys are causing lots of nonsense buzz to the people you aim to save.

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