Re: Why isn’t Linux perfect?

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Ironically enough, I re-switched to Linux recently after lost drivers.

I could have searched for it in the Internet but I just remembered how the installation was so much easier with Linux, that at that point I felt I would trade the ignorant headache over the driver headache.

I disagree with your reasons however.

Even as a Linux newbie (and not much of a Windows power user), I used to think that way too.

I guess it just felt like the right kool-aid at the time over other reasons including the extreme “Linux isn’t just for you”.

As things went on and the problems with Linux add up, I realized it wasn’t just that.

…or maybe the better phrase is “more than that.”

The main problem I think with Linux today is that the OS being the most popular free OS drew a more wild crowd and on the other hand, desires for a new or alternative Desktop OS increased nowadays as the OS gets better that the two groups clashed against each other without a mediating group to balance the polarities.

It was like foreigners mass migrating to a single tight-knit culture controlled country.

You’re not going to get World War but you’re not going to get World Peace either.

Each extreme group’s desires were simply too different that there wasn’t enough supply for the Desktop users’ demands and there wasn’t enough demand for most of what the Linux developers had developed. (Either because people don’t know about them or they can’t wrap around the different and more advanced crowd that originally used Linux and set up softwares in that manner.)

The resulting problem being that even as Linux gets easier, it’s only “easy” enough for the average Desktop user to try their hand with it but not enough that they can completely find a person who can handle all their “PC problems” or enough that the experimenting user can be eased into it slowly like Windows where many tech articles are friendlier and need less emotional baggage to lurk on instead of the scary IRC chats, the often far from real time forum reply that solves the problem or even the confusing link nests that are wikis not to mention the hard to find “truly informative” Linux for Dummies book that are neither too Dumb nor too Smart.

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  1. Isn’t it up to the person to study an OS before they use it?? Maybe IRC is scary because it’s a bit different than YM, or Google talk 😛

    Anyhow, great post!!


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