Re: Free markets treat only the market mechanism

Replying to:

I disagree. If anything, it’s the reverse.

Free markets don’t treat the market at all except to set it free.

Then again, you could be referring to anything with regards to the evidence since how wide spread and how long has a true Free Market been practiced and put to a real world test?

Many things ring false to me though.

How can free markets provide funds with which you can sustain a family?

That rings more like welfare.

Then you bring up something about having a “decent” lifestyle as if there was an economic system that guarantees that it can and has provided all the necessity for making everyone have  a decent lifestyle.

Finally, free markets do instill basic values such as morality and ethical behaviour.

Not intentional but that’s what makes free markets run.

It doesn’t try to force anyone to apply anyone’s morality and ethical behaviour. It doesn’t try to tell you what adequate Health Care is. It doesn’t even make you employed.

But it does make you learn the necessary skills at needed times and in the right places.

Well, not necessarily, “you” you but “you” as in your community.

Key word is “necessity” not “traditional” or “social” or “cultural”.

Free market basically says “Be human” and improve as “humans”.

Learn from your mistakes. Take advantage of what works well. Progress. Grow.

If you have inadequate Health Care, make it adequate through adaptation, community building, method improvements. Method archiving.

If you are unemployed, be an entrepreneur. Understand what service you are sharing. Work together but work smart.

Ultimately, the “human” market will group adapt just as evolution says you evolve out of hardships and necessity and cultural norms have evolved and slowly made the impractical beliefs die out or be less accepted in the mainstream.

The system basically just say: “Ok, no system is needed to control a species that has arisen and progressed from the system of Nature. Except as we progressed, there are people who would impede our future progress so here’s a system or an ideal that makes the market more of a fair to everyone system and the ones who contribute are better rewarded and the ones who don’t are not protected by a system that pretends to protect the little guys but is really a big red target where all the corrupt bullies could maintain their status under the guise of protection.”

Whether you see the above as an over-simplification, naivete, or flawed and doomed to fail…it’s up to you.

But to somehow pretend that free markets are about levelling wealth instead of making the market be less artificial and be more human… what is that?

It’s definitely not a free market because none of that is in any way related to the word “free”.

Worse, somehow in this statement of yours:

Whilst the rest run the risk of being accidents on the Highway of Life at virtually any moment.

You’ve twisted the world into an utopia and make this sound like a bad thing when not only is there no economic system that avoids this but that it’s precisely these accidents that have often leapfrogged human progress.

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