Re: Guy Kawasaki’s tweets are nothing but brazen Alltop spam. I’m amazed people put up with it.

I really should get the hang of not replying better…

Replying to:

It’s actually the reverse. From what I’ve read, people are legitimately interested in how Guy pulls off the multiple Alltop repeat tweets so they not only don’t perceive it as spam, but they (and Guy) see it like a 24/7 broadcasting service technique where it ensures people who log in at their account at different point of the day can spot the tweet.

There’s actually a better video explaining his methods that I think he submitted a month or two ago in his Posterous account but I can’t find the search box in his blog so I settled for this one:

Here’s the text version of his method btw (but it doesn’t state the specific time he does it):

  • Question: Why do you repeat your tweets?
  • Answer: I repeat a handful of my tweets because I don’t assume that all my followers are reading me 24 x 7 x 365. This is the same reason that ESPN and CNN repeat the same news stories (without updates, simply identical reports) throughout the day.

2 responses to this post.

  1. To repeat tweets is a crass idea, it is simply an excuse to generate spam.

    When tweets become spam


    • That’s true but it’s also true how vague it is to define what is spam on these social networking services.

      He does have a point that all you need to do is to unfollow.

      Personally, my twitter account tends to have the same problem but less about repeat tweets but with Friendfeed integration repeating tweets I had already made. (resulting in back to back tweets of the same subject)

      I probably should fix that in my FF account but even without that, it tends to trickle into blogspam.

      In fact, outside of Twitter account off-site logins, I mostly use Twitter as a blogspamming account.


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